ClarioNET is the solution for "Thin Client" deployment of Clarion applications
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ClarioNET is the solution for "Thin Client" deployment of Clarion applications. ClarioNET deploys your applications similar to Citrix and MS Terminal Server……an exact replica user interface is presented on the remote computer while the actual application program runs on a remote server.

Because ClarioNET is written specifically for the Clarion programming environment it enjoys lower bandwidth, small deployment footprint, and built-in client side report printing.

ClarioNET is added to a Clarion application by using a Clarion "template" that automatically places the proper ClarioNET calls within the program code. Hand coded programs are easliy deployed with ClarioNET with the addition of several calls in each procedure.

ClarioNET is also extremely secure. The server interface between incoming HTTP streams and the application is a specialized Application Broker that is unresponsive to erroneous streams or buffer overruns. At this layer the ClarioNET communication stream is simply a highly encrypted MIME-like encoded datastream. Once the ClarioNET portion of your server application receives the stream it is decoded and the 128 bit encryption is reversed. Only if the resulting highly structured stream is properly formatted does the application program receive further instructions.

To round out the entire program deployment we have created the ClarioNET Server Deployment Manager. This system provides load balancing across multiple servers, controls the launching and close-down of applications on individual ports so that no ports are left exposed, provides available program lists to remote clients, and provide control over your server farm for maintenance.

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